Episode 20: "Feet," featuring Sophia Zupanc

Inspired by her personal and professional experiences, Sophia Zupanc is currently travelling the world as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow to investigate the question "What is palliative care and why does it matter?" Her Watson project is called “Dispatches from Death: Exploring How We Die.”  In this episode, we talk about Sophia's experiences as a lesbian, cisgender woman traveling the world talking to people about death.


You can learn more about Sophia's travels on her website, You can follow her on Twitter at @SophiaZupanc 

Episode 21: "The What's Up Nod," featuring Cameron Chalker

Cameron Chalker is a first-year resident physician in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington. He is also a bisexual, transgender, Iranian-American man. In this episode, we talk about Cameron's experiences as both a healthcare professional and a recipient of healthcare. You can find Cameron on Twitter at @eponymics.

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